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Miracles of fashion, art and style.

Agree that the ideal trip is always accompanied by shopping – so why not make updating your image the main goal of the trip?

Imagine an ideal weekend with girlfriends in Europe: making shopping plans under the guidance of a stylist over a glass of Aperol Spritz in a restaurant, rustling dresses, loud laughter in fitting rooms and planning looks in the evening at the hotel.

Shopping is an important part of any trip.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the task, it is not easy to choose among thousands of offers exactly what suits you, not to get confused in the system of discounts, and it is trivial to get to outlets, which are almost always located outside the city.

European capitals are full of shops, boutiques and shopping centers and you may need the help of an expert to help you plan your shopping route in advance.

Individual shopping – the tour we offer:

— we select the optimal flight for dates convenient for you;

— we plan a route taking into account your needs and wishes (visits to thermal baths, lakes, the opera, excursion program, recommendations for restaurants and shopping places);

— book a hotel (we’ll suggest the best locations based on your route);

— if necessary, we issue visas;

— adding related services: stylist accompaniment, planning trips to outlets, booking individual visits to boutiques

We will recommend stores that suit your taste and budget, the stylist will suggest new items, help organize the delivery of all purchases directly to your hotel room, and tell you where to try traditional dishes during lunch. Our colleagues, Russian-speaking drivers, will meet you at the airport and, at the end of the tour, take you there and help you arrange tax free.

We will definitely complement the trip according to your interests and you will have time for much more than you planned!

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