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Exploring a country through its national cuisine, that is, gastronomic tours, is a real find for hedonists who are accustomed to taking the best from life.

Wine and gastronomic tours will give you the opportunity not only to see the sights of a particular country, but also to taste it. Imagine that in the morning you go to explore ancient temples and castles, in the afternoon you come to a farm where you are treated to freshly baked bread and homemade cheese, and after a leisurely walk along the vineyards, you find yourself at a winery, go down to the cellars and try different collection wines. During dinner, you will enjoy traditional dishes of the region and fascinating stories from your guide. During a gastronomic tour, no one is in a hurry, everyone enjoys life!

Oyster farms in La Rochelle or the vineyards of Burgundy, a gastronomic weekend in Lyon or a night of Michelin-starred chefs at the Forte Village Resort, a cognac tour or a trip to the land of truffles.

Exquisite tastings and exciting master classes.

We invite you to plunge into this incredible atmosphere of tastes and aromas, which will reveal to you all the secrets of the place where you go!

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