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Relax & Wellness

Recreation and recovery at thermal resorts is one of the most popular types of recreation.

It’s amazing how many therapeutic, cleansing and cosmetological factors there are from thermal water and mud. To combat stress and its harmful effects on the body, for cleansing and detoxing, to give new vitality to the face and body, to restore ideal shape, to treat certain pathologies, for rehabilitation measures. For each of these purposes, we will help you choose the right resort and hotel that provides the types of procedures and programs you need?

Three reasons why our clients choose thermal baths as the main type of vacation or as part of combined tours:

1. Health

Ideal health is a combination of physical and psychological well-being. The balance that can be achieved in a pleasant atmosphere of thermal relaxation. In this relaxing environment, with the help of a highly trained medical team, it is possible to undergo wellness and treatment programs to prevent and treat diseases and problems of concern. Thereby restoring your optimal health.

2. Life style

The fast pace of life, stressful work situations, lack of time for yourself – all this causes stress and deprives you of peace of mind. They give rise to various types of disorders and habits that harm the optimal state of psychophysical well-being. With the right targeted program and rituals, it is possible to set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle that will bring your body and mind back into balance through movement, proper nutrition and a series of treatments designed to achieve this goal.

  • Chronic stress, fatigue and insomnia
  • Excess weight and poor diet
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Energy restoration


True beauty is a state of grace that can be achieved by taking care of yourself. Enjoy pleasant moments, pamper your own body with spa rituals, massages and treatments. It slows down the effects of time and gives beauty and moments of unforgettable, extraordinary well-being.

sensitive or
mature skin
body and silhouette
detox and cleansing
hydration and nutrition
All these issues can be resolved at a thermal health resort. We will develop an interesting tour program and adapt it to the necessary course of treatment or recovery, so that your vacation is not only beneficial to your health, but also filled with emotions and impressions.

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